Bradmax player
as White label.

We can provide our software solutions in White Label model - it’s a customisable software, giving companies possibility to rebrand it as their own. Then it can be sold as part of a subscription of their own product line.

In this model we offer:

  • video player
  • real-time video analytics

White label for video player

White label for video player doesn’t need much of explanation. Player styles and branding can be easly adjusted to your needs. For this we got some pre-defined skins for player for quick start. Of course if clients needs we can prepare completly different, more consistient with client product line dedicated skin. Additional elements like TV channels selector or related series episodes navigation can be easly added into player - if needed.

White label for real-time video analytics

Video analytics interface can be easily integrated into other solutions using iframe and simple API. Of course there is complete API for full integration, but using iframe integration you can quickly add new features into your system. So if you got some video streaming solution, you can quiclky can integrate player and video analytics into your system. Then you can give access to your end-users not only to player, but also into statistics, how video was watched (eg. how live event was watched - information for live event / concert organiser). This is added value to your products, which you can additionaly charge your end-users or be more competitive to other solutions.

Example Case study

Partner who prepare live streaming for conferences, concerts, etc. has own platform for video recording and distribution. Their clients - eg. concert organizer - wanted to complete handle transmission in one place - in partner platform. Partner wanted to easly customise player (to client organizer needs), by just adjusting colors and branding. This is easly possible with our online player configurator, where in few minutes best matching skin, colours and logos can be added. This player configurator can be integrated via iframe with partner page, so his clients can choose all options by themselves. Player prepared in such way has automatically configured Bradmax Analytics.

Additionaly Bradmax Analytics panel - which presents statistics, how video / streams were watched - was be also without problems integrated into partner platform using iframe. After that partner clients were, able to setup player to their needs page and watch Bradmax Analytics statistics (including real time statistics) via partner page.