Realtime White Label
analytics solution

Bradmax Flex Model, a solution tailored to your needs

Our own software real time analytics engine, data collection server and fully featured GUI designed for fast slice and dice analytics (queries) on large data sets. Rapid production implementation. The system has the ability to import data from other systems and provides an HTTP API for data entry and individual data points.

Key features of Bradmax Flex Model analytics

  1. Data discovery
  2. Preparing data for analysis
  3. Realtime processing solutions
  4. Visualisations and reporting
  5. Data acquisition
  6. Using own algorithms
  7. Building custom API’s
  8. Consulting

Technology that gives you an edge

  1. Statistics are available in real time. The delay from entering data into the system (HTTP) to calculating the statistics is less than one second.
  2. The system provides the OLAP API.
  3. Strong data compression allows you to minimize the data on the disks and also speeds up the readings.
  4. Allows to process historical data, compare past trends with real time data, perform advanced analysis of data already collected and much more.
  5. For each defined model, Bradmax Analytics provides a dedicated API that allows to feed the system with real time data. The data appears as soon as it is delivered, which enables immediate analysis when every second counts.

How to use white label statistics in your company

  1. Help to find data and understand power in the data that business owns.
  2. Discover and prepare data to be ready for deep analysis.
  3. Set infrastructure and processes.
  4. Build customized APIs to be used with 3rd systems.
  5. Analyze performance. Create interactive dashboards with full drill down capabilities. Analyze performance of digital products, track mobile app usage, or monitor site reliability.
  6. Diagnose problems. Find the root cause of the issues, troubleshoot netflow bottlenecks, analyze security threats, or diagnose software crashes.
  7. Find commonalities. Find common attributes among events. Identify shared components in defective products, or determine patterns in top performing products.
  8. Increase efficiency. Improve product engagement, optimize ad spend in digital marketing campaigns, or increase user engagement in online products

Who are our analytics solutions for?

  1. Companies with huge amount of undiscovered data
  2. Businesses generating data but not using it
  3. Owners or board of companies that wants to build advantage on the market
  4. Companies ready to disrupt inside processes and build new strategy and infrastructure to keep understanding the big amount of data
  5. Companies which are looking for external resources to set up and manage data strategy

How we achieve real time large scale analytics



Application responsible for collecting data. HC processes the data into a normalized form. It deals with enrichment and anonymization as well as initial data processing. Sends data to the queue and to create a backup of the processed data.

Raw data backup

All normalized data are stored as AES encrypted files. This data are used in case of failure or if data recalculation is required (new features or special requirements).

Computation Worker

Server is processing all collected pre-processed from queue. After loading batch of records server perform calculations by reading and updating data structures. For example users counting is performing by using HyperLogLog data structure - (low memory footprint data structure). Metadata for related contents is updated if changes are detected. All storage operations are performed in small bulks for increasing Input-Output (IO) performance but with low latency.

White Label

With Bradmax brand analytics, you have the ability to integrate customized, powerful analytics software such as dashboards and data visualization directly into your product in a way that aligns these features with your brand and user experience.

Our statistics are embedded in the client’s solution using iframe or API. We allow for complete rebranding and custom design to match the vendor’s application. Thanks to this, users maintain the same look and feel throughout the application.

Benefits of using White Label analytics

Seamless and unified user experience

Anyone using your software for their analytics needs will be able to deal with their business data as usual, without the complexity and confusion that can come from having to use a completely different-looking third-party analytics solution. Their analytics will basically look like you built them, with logos, colors, and portals they already know.

Faster time to market

Purchasing a built-in solution with support for custom analytics means you don’t have to spend more resources or time to build your own analytical module.

More time to upgrade the base product

Using a embeded analytics solution means your developers can focus on innovating and improving the core product, with significantly less cost and effort compared to building analytics in-house.

Increased user engagement and BI adoption

The ability to customize the appearance of analytics components such as dashboards and reports, and interact with other core app features helps increase brand consistency and overall user engagement with built-in analytics features.


Suppose you host a multi-tenant application where each tenant requires their own brand to be displayed: Bradmax sub-branding allows you to define tenant-specific style sheets and images, so you can provide a very unique experience for each client organization.