Bradmax player
for Smart TVs.

Bring your video content to Tizen, WebOS and Android TV. Stream to Google Chromecast and Apple Tv

Bradmax Media Player supports video playback for popular Smart TVs brands like Samsung and LG . Player configuration is the same as for web video player and because of Smart TV apps nature player is available with UI or in skin-less mode. Skin-less option is dedicated for apps, which use own User Interface deeply integrated with app navigation and controls.

With our player you can make significant saving in Smart TV integration and development, because you will get single code base for player for:

  • Tizen OS (Samsung)
  • WebOS (LG)
  • Web (Chrome, FireFox, Safari, etc).

All platform differences are hidden for you and you have single unified API for all platforms.

What is more if you are planning player integration with some external analytics, then such integration has to be performed only onece. Integration should be working with all other playforms, so multiple integration will be not needed.

Custom solutions

Smart TVs are not perfect. They have limited resources and sometimes some specific constraints, which can cause playback problems. Debugging and fixing can be very time consuming on these devices, so we offer our experience in finding and solving them. Below are some example case studies related to Smart TVs.

Case studies:

Samsung Tizen problem with TTML subtitles for MPEG-DASH

Client report problem with missing subtitles on some Samsung Smart TVs models. Client was using MPEG-DASH streaming with separate streams for subtitles. Subtitles were in TTML format in MPEG containers. Some devices has problems with loading them. We solved issue with disabling native subtitles renderer and writing custom one for loading and rendering subtitles. Custom subtitles handler work fine for all Tizen versions with additional adventage of faster load. Native one was “laggy” on some devices - about 4 seconds for appearing new subtitles after changing selected language. Our version was doing it in about 1 sec.

Performance improvements for LG WebOS for MPEG-DASH and live streams

Client report problem with slow playback startup and periodically freezing app with Dash.js on some low-end TVs during live streams playback. It was clearly a performance issue. Client was using MPEG-DASH live streaming for TV channels, with quite long DVR window. Because of it MPEG-DASH manifest files (*.mpd) were quite big (600kB uncompressed) and parsing them for low-end devices was quite CPU intensive process. We make custom performance fixes for Dash.js player significantly reducing CPU usage.

Adjusting MPEG-DASH with Widevine for Tizen 4.0 devices

Some older Tizen 4.0 devices got problems with MPEG-DASH playback with Widevine DRMs. They got problems with DASH manifest, when multiple DRM systems were defined in them (Widevine, PlayReady, Merlin) and there were lack of some parameters for correct Widevine initialization. Changing or adding custom manifest for Tizen were problematic, because of some hidden dependencies. The best solution was to make fix on Smart TV side. We were able to do it with preparing custom system service on Smart TV working as a web proxy server, adjusting on fly MPEG-DASH manifest for proper work with Tizen native DRM player.