Use API to adjust bradmax platforms to fit your needs. We use the highest standards to develop our API, thanks to this the integration is simple and fast. We provide all documentation with examples and cases.

  • Simple CMS integration
  • Automatic task management
  • Developer friendly
  • Technical support
  • Cloud solutions

Our solutions meet all the requirements of the market,by providing and maintaining high standard of functionality. We focus on the owners of video content who value quality and safety above all. Our product allows publishers to deliver and earn an income on online video. We are available on all platforms, fast and easy to configure. Our product is developed for a wider group of users, from blogging videos to B2B solutions. Have a look how easy it can be.

  • Mobile and desktop
  • Responsive design
  • Easy to customize
  • Branding
  • Endsplashes
  • Social networks
  • Javascript API
  • Documentation
  • Advertising
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Because of our integrated system, publishers are able to earn an additional income from advertisements placed in online video contents.
This system is also compatible with:

VAST VMAP VPAID Support for all providers Google IMA API


We provide fully developed tools to deliver all data.
We assure an equipped dashboard and we understand that our clients might need more personalized information.
This is why we propose customized reports that are delivered upon individual requests.
API for statistics allows by using collected data to build our own tools for the client analysis.

Current statistics Dashboard Engagement rate Geo location Usage of devices Operational systems Connectivity speed