Bradmax consulting

Consulting services

Our consulting services involves

  • Solving playback issues on multiple platforms
  • Player integration with external third-party solutions like analytics, advertisements (whe have knowledge and experience, so you will not waste time on it).
  • General player development (adding new features, skinning, improving player experience).

Common Playback Issues

Our clients experienced in past such problems

  • Long video loading, frequent buffering
  • Long IPTV channels zapping on Smart TV devices
  • Problems with subtitles display on Smart TV devices (sometimes missing, not displaying Asian characters, slow switching text tracks between different languages)
  • Problems with video Casting
  • “scrubbing” problem
  • performance issues with live streams with long DVR
  • DRM playback issues

Integrations & development

We can save your time and money helping you with integration with third party systems like

  • Advertisements
  • Analytics (for content, video quality statistics)
  • With DRM providers (Widevine, PlayReady, FairPlay)
  • And many others

During such integrations there are many pitfalls, which can waste a lot of time for your developer team. We can guide you through or you can forward to us the whole integration process.

On the market there is frequently a lack of knowledge about details of video streaming. We can help you with development of:

  • Video systems
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Smart TV apps
  • Set-Top-Boxes apps
  • General VOD apps

Source of problems

Mentioned above problems are frequently caused by

  • Invalid / improper configuration (default configuration)
  • Poor video/audio/subtitles support by native player
  • Using legacy stream encoder or video format
  • Player or library performance issues
  • Reliability issues of native / default solutions
  • Legacy infrastructure
  • Bad or no optimisation
  • Lack of current standards support by player / backend

How we help - case studies

Increasing Samsung platform reach

Client got problems with playback on some older Samsung devices. There were compatibility and performance issues. By optimizing native player settings and performing some manifest fixes on the TV side it was possible to play content on older Samsung Smart TV devices. So users having older devices were able to install and use client applications.

Solving Samsung TV subtitles issues

Some Samsung TV devices have problems with subtitles embedded in MPEG-DASH streams in TTML format. They were not working reliably on native players. We have implemented a custom subtitles handler, which solves all issues. It was working reliably and switching between languages had no visible delay, which was a big issue for native player.

Integration with Digital Ad Insertion (DAI) system Yospace

Integration of ad insertion with DAI systems is quite a simple process, because ads are injected / merged into the original stream. Bigger problem is with tracking ad display and ad clicks. This is critical of accounting ads performance. We saved client time by integrating client players with the Yospace system, so client developers could spend saved time in other areas.

Integration with Conviva and Nielsen Analytics

Client needed player integration with Conviva (video playback experience statistics) and Nielsen Analytics (audience statistics). Because we have got high experience with analytics systems - we got our own Bradmax Analytics - it was an easy and straightforward task for us. Saving client time and money.

Cross DRM

The client had all the movies in MS Smooth Streaming format and protected with PlayReady. The video was played in a video player made in Silverlight technology. Moving all content to more modern solutions would be very costly. Bradmax provided a cross DRM solution that works in the user’s browser. The DRM system and content are now translated into modern formats (Widevine and DASH) with no changes to existing content. Check out our Cross DRM solution.

Troubleshoot performance or library bugs

The client had an exceptionally large DVR window in his materials (more than 24 hours), which resulted in stuttering of playback every time the manifest was parsed again. The standard DashJS library turned out to be the source of the problem. Bradmax has redesigned the manifest parsing module so that the CPU usage is minimal even for very large Dash manifests.


Bradmax has many years of experience in implementing DRM systems in customer solutions. We deal with the implementation of Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady, Apple FairPlay, ClearKey systems as well as integrations with DRM providers such as BuyDRM or EzDRM. We support all platforms (mobile, web, smart TV). For our clients, we also create customized solutions for clients with specific requirements or for companies that have legacy architecture.