Bradmax player
for Cross DRM.

There are multiple DRM systems on the market. Each got some own environment where it works. Because of that , it is not possible to set up one DRM solution on all of these devices. For example Widevine works on Chrome browser, Android devices. FairPlay is required for iOS devices and PlayReady works for Microsoft products.

For supporting playback on all different platforms and devices video player has to be able to play all mentioned DRM systems. Our player as many other players supports it. But what is quite unique Bradmax Media Player gives possibility to play DRM protected content not natively supported by device.

For example Bradmax Media Player is capable to play legacy encoded MS Smooth Streaming content protected with PlayReady on Chrome browsers with using Widevine DRMs for decoding. Bradmax Media Player is transforming MS Smooth Streaming into MPEG-DASH on-fly on user device with switching PlayReady to Widevine, so content can be decoded on Chrome browsers.

bradmax multidrm

This can gives you real savings - video has to be encoded in less formats. This mean less encoding, video storage and better CDN cache usage.