Bradmax player
for Mobile Devices.

Multi platform

Bradmax Media Player works on multiple platforms (PC, iOS, Android) as a web player, but also as native player solution is available. For mobile devices Bradmax Media Player is trying to use as much as possible native player support. Such approach gives better playback quality and less batery consumption and CPU.


Standard JavaScript API for all devices, but also

For both platform are SDK, example app with instruction how to integrate SDK - step-by-step.


Our player for mobile apps support:

  • Multiple stream formats (but we recomend to use HLS, for best support for all devices)
  • Multiple audio tracks and subtitles support
  • Playlist support
  • Responsive design
  • Ads support
  • Own branding
  • Integration with different analytics systems (Bradmax Analytics, Google Analytics, GemiusStream)