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Screen sizes

Video analytics can be a helpful tool for businesses to understand how viewers are interacting with their videos. By understanding the different screen sizes and devices used to watch videos online, businesses can make better decisions about their video content and marketing efforts.

In general, the screens used to watch videos online differ around the world. For example, in developed countries like the United States, screens tend to be larger than in countries where there is less access to technology. This is due to the fact that Americans are more likely to have access to devices like smartphones and laptops, which make watching videos online easier.

As video content becomes more popular, businesses will need to pay more attention to screen size and device usage in order to ensure their videos are viewed the way they want them to be. By understanding these differences, businesses can tailor their marketing and content strategies to best suit their audience.

Please keep in mind that these statistics are for whole countries - multiple areas. So if you focus on some defined one like VOD platforms or newspapers (with video articles), then these statistics can be different, because of differences in their user groups.

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Screen sizes used for watching video over the world

Time scope: 2022-11-01 - 2022-11-30

CountryThere are 25% devices smaller thanThere are 50% devices smaller thanThere are 75% devices smaller than
United Arab Emirates [AE]760x360873x3931366x720
Afghanistan [AF]812x375926x4281366x728
Argentina [AR]861x3881360x7281463x875
Austria [AT]846x4121252x6671603x862
Belgium [BE]846x4121024x7681536x816
Bulgaria [BG]1280x6801366x7281536x816
Benin [BJ]854x3851366x7381600x860
Bolivia [BO]820x360918x4241366x728
Brazil [BR]915x4121280x6801366x728
Switzerland [CH]844x3901143x6861536x816
Colombia [CO]889x4001280x9841366x728
Costa Rica [CR]846x412915x4121366x728
Cyprus [CY]830x3931280x6721536x824
Czechia [CZ]915x4121366x7281920x1040
Germany [DE]800x3601280x7751536x824
Denmark [DK]829x691960x6001440x900
Algeria [DZ]812x3751180x8201920x1040
Ecuador [EC]840x3931280x7201366x728
Egypt [EG]800x360915x4121366x728
Spain [ES]816x3841024x7281366x720
Finland [FI]869x4121280x6801536x824
France [FR]800x360896x4141280x680
United Kingdom [GB]844x3901024x7681536x864
Georgia [GE]844x390896x4141366x728
Greece [GR]892x4121366x7281536x816
Hong Kong [HK]896x4141366x7281536x824
Hungary [HU]896x4141366x7281536x824
Indonesia [ID]800x3601064x4911366x728
Ireland [IE]844x3901280x7201366x728
India [IN]804x360892x4121366x728
Iraq [IQ]800x3601280x7601366x728
Iran [IR]839x393915x4121366x768
Italy [IT]780x360851x3931360x728
Japan [JP]803x360844x3901024x768
Kenya [KE]880x4121024x7681366x728
Republic of Korea [KR]1024x7681366x7281440x860
Morocco [MA]800x360892x4121280x680
Republic of Moldova [MD]1280x6801536x8241536x824
Mauritius [MU]806x360960x5401366x728
Mexico [MX]851x393926x4281366x768
Malaysia [MY]800x360932x4521366x728
Nigeria [NG]806x360915x4121366x728
Netherlands [NL]800x3601280x8001366x720
Norway [NO]844x390926x4281536x824
Peru [PE]854x3851280x6721366x728
Poland [PL]851x393915x4121536x824
Puerto Rico [PR]844x390896x4141280x680
Palestine [PS]844x3901280x9841536x816
Portugal [PT]915x4121366x7201536x824
Romania [RO]846x4121366x7281680x1050
Russia [RU]800x3601280x7601440x860
Saudi Arabia [SA]844x390896x4141366x720
Sweden [SE]854x3841280x6801536x824
Slovenia [SI]1536x8241536x8241920x1080
Slovakia [SK]839x408892x4121536x816
Sierra Leone [SL]800x360854x3851366x728
El Salvador [SV]892x4121366x7281366x728
Thailand [TH]1280x6801366x7281536x824
Turkey [TR]846x4121366x7381600x860
Taiwan [TW]854x3841280x7601536x824
Ukraine [UA]896x4141366x7281680x1010
United States [US]896x4141318x7681920x1032
Uruguay [UY]1152x6481280x9841366x728
Vietnam [VN]804x360896x4141366x728