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Devices usage

Devices usage in internet over the world.

Video analytics can tell you how people are watching/consuming your video content. For example, you can see how many people are watching your video from a desktop computer or mobile devices. This information can help you improve your video content for a better user experience.

For example, if you’re releasing a video about gardening, you might want to make sure that the video is optimized for desktop viewing. This will ensure that most people who watch it will be able to see the information clearly. On the other hand, if you’re releasing a video about fashion, you might want to make sure that it’s optimized for mobile viewing. It also works in other directions. If most of your watchers are using mobile devices then preparing shorter video without many details on screen will improve the reception of video content.

Please keep in mind that these statistics are for whole countries - multiple areas. So if you focus on some defined one like VOD platforms or newspapers (with video articles), then these statistics can be different, because of differences in their user groups.

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Devices usage during video watch online

Time scope: 2022-11-01 - 2022-11-30

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CountryPC [%]Mobile [%]Other [%]
United Arab Emirates [AE]37.660.32.1
Afghanistan [AF]49.4349.920.65
Argentina [AR]54.1345.10.77
Austria [AT]54.841.583.62
Belgium [BE]35.3856.428.2
Benin [BJ]59.838.491.7
Bolivia [BO]49.4948.891.62
Brazil [BR]77.3619.23.45
Switzerland [CH]57.637.614.79
Chile [CL]27.3769.92.73
Colombia [CO]49.0447.723.24
Costa Rica [CR]34.7963.611.59
Cyprus [CY]55.6440.793.57
Czechia [CZ]67.5528.314.15
Germany [DE]51.7842.126.1
Denmark [DK]48.6444.636.73
Algeria [DZ]43.6345.9510.42
Ecuador [EC]43.852.643.56
Egypt [EG]35.8660.963.18
Spain [ES]37.8150.411.79
Finland [FI]71.0522.766.18
France [FR]34.758.047.26
United Kingdom [GB]39.2943.0117.69
Georgia [GE]38.6360.21.17
Greece [GR]68.8929.341.77
Hong Kong [HK]
Hungary [HU]60.9328.8610.21
Indonesia [ID]49.6849.430.89
Ireland [IE]41.3737.9520.68
India [IN]47.1151.531.36
Iraq [IQ]66.1233.540.34
Iran [IR]40.355.264.44
Italy [IT]27.7265.566.72
Japan [JP]24.8272.972.21
Kenya [KE]45.1652.052.79
Republic of Korea [KR]77.1721.061.77
Morocco [MA]32.4460.487.08
Mauritius [MU]40.8949.819.3
Mexico [MX]42.1356.221.65
Malaysia [MY]41.9256.731.36
Nigeria [NG]48.9449.631.43
Netherlands [NL]44.1748.597.24
Norway [NO]34.262.733.07
Panama [PA]25.9966.137.89
Peru [PE]41.5151.117.38
Poland [PL]47.8250.062.12
Puerto Rico [PR]30.8966.212.9
Palestine [PS]50.8946.372.74
Portugal [PT]65.1429.595.26
Romania [RO]50.2740.449.28
Russia [RU]47.1250.872.01
Saudi Arabia [SA]39.0458.522.44
Sweden [SE]60.1234.765.12
Slovenia [SI]73.8922.783.32
Slovakia [SK]39.357.892.81
Sierra Leone [SL]39.8756.553.58
El Salvador [SV]56.3938.94.72
Turkey [TR]56.1942.531.28
Taiwan [TW]59.7538.042.21
Ukraine [UA]69.1821.039.79
United States [US]57.7135.177.12
Uruguay [UY]69.4129.411.18
Vietnam [VN]32.4562.984.57