Preparing player

Requirements for DRM support

  1. KeyOS/BuyDRM and EzDRM are supported by players in version v2.9.1 or higher.
  2. Web page with player has to be hosted over HTTPS. Browsers do not allow to decode DRM content if page is hosted via HTTP. There is only one exception for http://localhost (allowed by Chrome and Safari) for local testing/debugging.
  3. DRM configuration is supported only over Bradmax Player JavaScript API (not available for player embedded over iframe).

Quick start with test player

For development and testing you can use JavaScript player below:

Using customised player

If you want use customized player, then just sign-in into bradmax client panel and generate new player. See steps below for more details:

  1. Sign-in to our panel. Sing-in screen

  2. After login choose “Players list” option at left menu. Then click at “Create new” button. New player

  3. Enter name for new player configuration. New player name

  4. Now you can see player configuration window. Choose player skin, colors, etc. Player configurator

  5. Click “Save changes” button. Changes will be saved in your account and small pop-up will appear. Player save When you choose "yes, generate files", then player files with your changes will be generated.

  6. After generating player you will see list of player versions for your player. Player versions

  7. Click “” link for downloading player files to your computer. Decompress them and open directory containing player JavaScript with some examples and documentation. Player files

  8. Open any HTML file (eg. json.html) with web browser and watch example movie with your just prepared player. Demo