Kaltura player plugin


Bradmax analytics supports plugin for Kaltura player, which collects playback information and sends it to bradmax platform. Reports about video usage from collected data is presented in bradmax client panel (https://bradmax.com/client/panel/).

Integration of bradmax analytics statistics with Kaltura players is quick and easy process. It needs only plugin file and some additional configuration for player. See example below.

Plugin file

Raw JavaScript file: https://bradmax.com/static/bradmax-analytics-for-players/latest/bradmax.analytics.js

Zipped JavaScript file: https://bradmax.com/static/bradmax-analytics-for-players/latest/bradmax.analytics.zip


Initial steps:

  1. Download bradmax.analytics.js plugin file (see above)
  2. Check clientToken in bradmax client panel (https://bradmax.com/client/panel/ > Analytics > Info > clientToken).
  3. Prepare HTML file
<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>KalturaPlayer / Bradmax analytics / test</title>
    <script src="http://cdnapi.kaltura.com/p/2400541/sp/240054100/embedIframeJs/uiconf_id/42568391/partner_id/2400541"></script>
    <div id="kaltura_player_1526304953" style="width: 560px; height: 395px;">
            "targetId": "kaltura_player_1526304953",
            "wid": "_2400541",
            "uiconf_id": 42568391,
            "flashvars": {
                "streamerType": "auto",
                "bradmaxAnalytics": {
                    "plugin": true,
                    "iframeHTML5Js": "https://example.com/bradmax.analytics.js",
                    "clientToken": "SJnO!AzdDggLdOyAIdBg5DIjjeIOMAFd9gADV"
            "cache_st": 1526304953,
            "entry_id": "1_5bujdr9l"

Example above use embed code for Kaltura player and configures bradmax analytics plugin for it in field "bradmaxAnalytics". All additional details about video are taken automatically from player via Kaltura API.

Tracking engagement rate example

It is only needed to add parameter

trackEngagementRate: true

into configuration object.

"bradmaxAnalytics": {
    "plugin": true,
    "iframeHTML5Js": "https://example.com/bradmax.analytics.js",
    "clientToken": "SJnO!AzdDggLdOyAIdBg5DIjjeIOMAFd9gADV",
    "trackEngagementRate": true