Bradmax analytics is a video statistics platform. It collects data from video players and provides reports about video content usage.

This page describes how your video web player can send data for bradmax analytics. Don’t worry, there are already JavaScript plugins for variety of web players, so this process is quite quick and easy.

On left side menu there is a list of possible plugins for most popular web players. One node about HTML5 player. HTML5 is general library, which use HTML5 video tag for tracking playback info. So, when you use some player, which just “wraps” video element (is adding buttons and controls - for eg. hls.js player), then this is library which you need. This library connects to video element and monitors playback process.

General configuration


Most important parameter in bradmax analytics libraries for players is "clientToken". It identifies you account in bradmax platform, so all received data from player will be associated with right account.

Sample client token in JSON:

{ "clientToken": "SJnO!AzdDggLdOyAIdBg5DIjjeIOMAFd9gADV" }

Only this parameter is required. All other parameters are optional and needed only, when you want to get more useful statistics.


This is an object containing general information about one your video. Sample:

"mediaMetadata": {
    "materialId": "701",
    "relatedId": "7001",
    "duration": 734,
    "title": "Tears of Steel",
    "tags": ["test", "entertaiment"]
FieldJSON TypeDescription
materialIdstringIdentyfies each your video.
relatedIdstringAdditional itentifier if you need for keep for each video
durationfloatDuration of video in seconds. Usually automatically taken from video content.
titlestringTitle/name of video. It will be used as label for video in bradmax analytics platform.
tagsstring[]List of tags, which should be associated with video.

“materialId” is most important parameter, which is used for your video identification. It can be any text, which identify your content (for eg. video “ID” from you CRM system). All video playbacks with this same parameter will be counted as a single content.

All other parameters can be corrected if some update is needed. Fix is easy. You only need to send new values with old materialId. Change in bradmax analytics will apply automatically after a while.