iOS SDK library quick setup


Bradmax Player is HTML5 web video player, which can display most of popular video formats without need of installation external library or plugin on end user computer. It is JavaScript library, which utilizes HTML5 extensions build in most popular web browsers.

Player can be used in iOS devices apps. For such cases WkWebView component is used with HTML5 bradmax player inside. For simplifying integration process with iOS app Bradmax library was prepared (lipo/fat lib *.a file with required header files *.h).

iOS platform requirements

Minimal version for use Bradmax library on iOS devices: iOS 8.0 Bradmax SDK is using WkWebView, which is supported on iOS 8+.

Download library

Click link below for downloading library in ZIP file.

Adding library to app

To use your iOS library’s code in another app module, proceed as follows:

1. Copy library and header files into your project

Copy files

2. Add BradmaxPlayerSdk/include header files into “Header Search Paths”

Open Header Search Paths settings

3. Add BradmaxPlayerSdk/BradmaxPlayerSdk.a library file into your project build.

Open Link Binary With Libraries section

Add library to project

Sample Xcode project

Below is link to sample Xcode project with single view iOS app with bradmax player. Project has already configured Bradmax SDK library.